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Elevate Teachers is a community of private citizens, parents, and voters who believe teachers are public servants who deserve our support and respect. We want to participate in the national conversation around education with an understanding that teachers are on the front lines of social development, tasked to serve their communities in accordance with the expectations and obligations we, the people, have chosen. Therefore, for education to improve, we must first respect, support, and elevate the role of teaching in our politics and our culture, while examining the choices we, as a society, have made regarding the educational system.


Teacher status in the United States is slipping badly

  • Teacher job satisfaction has dropped 15 points to its lowest level in over 20 years, while teacher stress levels have increased

  • US teachers' status lags far behind their counterparts in China, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece

  • Enrollment in teacher education programs has decreased dramatically and will lead to a significant teacher shortage

  • Mainstream press coverage of education focuses on testing outcomes and often blames teachers for poor results

We, along with thousands of you, would like to become a force in the country to muster the public to get behind their teachers and to help in the effort to elevate their stature.  We believe that through the dialogue we plan to develop, understanding will lead to respect.


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