Two Phase Approach

The home page of this web site gives “Our Position” and within this statement we write:  “We want to participate in the national conversation around education with an understanding that teachers are on the front lines of social development…”.  In order to be a credible force in the national conversation we need to speak for teachers and the general public.  We must focus on things they want us to say in their behalf.  To this end, we have split this project into two phases. 

Phase I – build a base of people in our community, hopefully with many teachers. Our first year goal is 10,000 people.  Ideally this will grow into thousands of people who share our desire to advocate for teachers.

Phase II – begin to gather information from both of our sign-ups groups. (teachers and nonteachers)

Teachers – we will ask them for their thoughts on many issues.  For example, a typical question will be, “Are you willing to recommend that your relatives and students join the teaching profession?”

The General Public – a question might be, “Do you actively participate in school activities to support both your children and their teachers?”

By a series of short questionnaires we will build up a database that we can use in public meetings, press releases and publications.  Information will be our weapon to mold public opinion. 

Our overall success depends on the number of sign-ups so please spread the word to encourage folks to sign up.