Can Good Teaching Be Taught?

The Economist recently published an article describing the ways they believe good teaching can be taught. According to the article, great teachers aren’t born, they’re made. The author claims that we need too many teachers to be able to only hire top teaching graduates.

“The secret to stellar grades and thriving students is teachers.”

“The secret to stellar grades and thriving students is teachers.”

The solution to improving our schools, according to the article, is better at preparing and supporting our teachers. The author suggests allowing teachers to sit in on each other’s lessons to get ideas and giving teachers critical feedback so they can learn and progress in areas that aren’t their strong point. In addition, the author believes that teacher training colleges and universities should collect data on how graduates performed in the classroom, so they can make sure their courses are actually helping them prepare to be teachers.

At Elevate Teachers, we think it’s important that teachers have the resources and support to reach their personal best. However, we also know that improving education doesn’t rest solely on teachers’ shoulders. Education is a complex issue that can’t be perfected with one initiative alone.

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