Standardized Tests' Impact on Public Education

In a recent article Ethan Siegel, a Forbes Contributor, explores what has lead to the current state of the nations public schools.  How America is Breaking Public Education is a passionate plea for reform and increased empowerment of teachers.

Siegel compares the job responsibilities and performance metrics of U.S. teachers against that of the typical modern workplace outside of education and states, "If this were common practice in any other industry, we'd be outraged. How dare you presume to micromanage the experts, the very people you hired to do a difficult job full of unique challenges to the best of their abilities!"

His position is that looking to standardized testing as the sole factor in funding and performance of schools and teachers is negatively impacting the system as a whole. Siegel calls for teachers to be encouraged to innovate and teach on their own terms and to be empowered by their employers. 

We at Elevate Teachers see the immense value in empowering and encouraging teachers to help students to aim high!

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