Why Do Teachers Post Resignation Letters Online?

In the past five years, more and more teachers have been posting their resignation letters online. Often, their view is that education is headed in the wrong direction and the public should be told why.

A new study called “With Regret: The Genre of Teachers’ Public Resignation Letters” analyzes 22 letters from teachers in 13 states between 2012 and 2014 with a wide range of experience. Its aim is to understand how educators use resignation letters to attempt to make a difference in the education system. Many teachers in the study feel abandoned, distrusted, and defiant. They feel that leaving and writing a public resignation letter is a way to take a stand and build empathy for educators working in the system.

At Elevate Teachers, we’re glad to see teachers standing up for what they believe in. We hope these public resignation letters help educate people about what needs to improve in our education system.

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