Stephen Colbert Visits His Favorite Teacher

On a recent episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert visited his favorite teacher at his old elementary school. Ms. Katsos (now Mrs. Keelin), a fourth-grade teacher, still teaches in the same classroom at Stiles Point Elementary in James Island, South Carolina.

Colbert told Ms. Katsos that she was his favorite teacher of all time. He remembered making her laugh one day and wanting to keep making her laugh; she recorded the conversation on a cassette tape, which she still has to this day. Ms. Katsos remembers young Stephen being an avid reader with an advanced vocabulary, and says he was a little bit dramatic.

At Elevate Teachers, we love seeing high-profile people recognizing the teachers that made them who they are today. We’re glad that Colbert was able to show appreciation to his favorite teacher and hope to see more celebrities using their visibility to support teachers.