Teacher Surprises Student with Cap and Gown

A video of a Georgia special education teacher surprising her student with the news that he would be graduating has recently been in the news. Jamias Howard wasn’t sure he was going to graduate, but his teacher, Kimberly Wimbish, personally drove to his house to give him his cap and gown.

Wimbish says she could see things weren’t going well for Jamias and she wanted to give him the opportunity to get it right, so she began private tutoring sessions with him. When she found out he had enough credits to graduate, she was excited to share the news with her student. She wasn’t expecting Jamias’ emotional response; he wiped away tears as he thanked her for everything she had done to help him.

At Elevate Teachers, we’re excited when the news puts the spotlight on teachers’ devotion to their students, and we love seeing how much the students appreciate them. We hope to continue seeing teachers celebrated on a national stage.

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