Why Teaching Is Tiring

A recent viral video by high school English teacher Trevor Muir explains the reasons teachers are exhausted, and why it can be worth it. Muir posted the video to his Facebook page, The Epic Classroom, and it has received over 18 million views.

Muir lists several reasons that teachers are always tired, including giving original speeches to 30 people at a time every day, dealing with parents, and being treated like a glorified babysitter. He then goes on to list some of the reasons that many teachers find the exhaustion worth it, like being shown college acceptance letters, seeing students stand up to bullies, and having students return to the classroom years later to thank them.

At Elevate Teachers, we hope people see this video and realize how difficult and exhausting teaching can be, and how much worse it is when educators are treated poorly. If we support and respect teachers, maybe we can reduce their fatigue, even by just a little bit.

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