Mentoring New Teachers Improves Achievement

A recent study shows that when new teachers are paired with high-quality, trained mentors and get feedback, their students’ achievement improves. In the trial programs, full-time mentors get over 100 hours of training per year and mentor up to 15 new teachers. These new teachers meet with their assigned mentors at least once a week for a total of two years of coaching.

The students in grades 4 – 8 of the classes led by teachers with mentors performed better than their peers in English/language arts, mathematics, and on state standardized tests. After five years, 86% of teachers who had first-year mentors were still teaching, while only 71% of those who didn’t have mentors stayed in the profession.

At Elevate Teachers, we’re excited to see people finding great ways to support our teachers. It’s clear when we encourage and help teachers, we encourage and help students as well.

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