Teacher Panhandles for School Supplies

Teresa Danks, a third-grade teacher from Oklahoma, recently panhandled on a busy highway in Tulsa. The sign she held said “Teacher needs school supplies! Anything helps. Thank you.” Danks decided to make this public statement because she spends about $2,000 of her $35,000 salary on supplies for her classroom.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Roark

Photo Credit: Jonathan Roark

Danks thought that a picture of her panhandling would send a message about the state of the education system. After posting the picture, the teacher started a GoFundMe page – which has raised over $25,000 already – planning to use any money she raises to get supplies into the hands of teachers.

At Elevate Teachers, we’re glad that someone is bringing attention to the fact that teachers are often paying hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket for school supplies and getting little support from the education system. We’re encouraged to see Teresa Danks taking the initiative to help and wish her luck with her fundraising efforts.

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