New Standards for Indiana Educators and Schools

Indiana is starting off the New Year with significant changes in education. 

After a long 2017, filled with countless meetings in an effort to overhaul the current grading system, the State Board began the process to finally put the proposed changes into action. In an interesting turn of events, the information reviewed was different than what was previously submitted, causing many to wonder why. The board was able to move forward and begin the process of adding the following updates:

"The changes include two new metrics for schools: a measure of well-rounded educational development for elementary and middle schools and of students on-track for high school. With new measures, the weights given to each need to be amended. 

At the K-8 level, the well-rounded education measure will be
worth 5 percent of a school's grade. 

At the high school level, the changes are larger —
and more concerning for some in the field. 

By the 2022-23 school year, a full 50 percent of a school's grade would be based on its graduation rate. Another 30 percent would be based on how well students do on standardized tests. The previous proposal weighted performance equally with a measure of the growth students show on those exams — 15 percent each. 

Growth, often seen as a way to measure how well schools are educating students who have fallen behind their peers, is not included."

How do you feel these changes will translate to day-to-day teaching standards for teachers? We at Elevate Teachers sincerely hope that these changes are a benefit to Indiana teachers.

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