New Beginnings Program Causes Dramatic Decrease in Suspensions

Marion, Indiana’s Allen Elementary School had 212 suspensions in the 2013-2014 school year. During the 2014-2015 school year, they had 16. The reason behind this decrease is the creation of “New Beginnings,” a program that serves as an alternative to suspensions.

Courtesy Anthony Williams

Courtesy Anthony Williams

The first time a student disrupts their class, they spend three days in New Beginnings. The second time, they stay for five days, and the third gets them ten days. In the program, the students complete their school assignments and earn points to leave the program by improving their behavior. Staff also talk to the children and try to determine the root of the problem, which may be hunger or poverty, and help meet their basic needs.

At Elevate Teachers, we’re excited to see a school from our home state having success with disruptive students. We appreciate that this program removes disruptive students from class so the non-disruptive students aren’t distracted, but still allows children with behavioral issues to learn the character and grit they need to succeed.

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