Elevate Teachers Founder, Dr. Richard Garrett, Featured in Article Published by Purdue School of Engineering

Elevate Teachers founder, Dr. Richard Garrett, has been featured in an article published by the Purdue School of Engineering. We are so thankful for this opportunity and want to give a special thanks to William Schmitt, the writer of the article titled, ‘An Engineer Makes Points and Plans for Schools That Solve Problems.’

Dr. Garrett spent 27 years applying his Purdue Engineering background as an Executive at Eli Lilly. Now, he’s using it to aid his efforts in education reform. Schmitt details these efforts in a firsthand review of Garret’s book titled, The Kids Are Smart Enough:

“At a time when the problem-solving approaches of “engineering thinking” are bringing new hope to K-12 education, a distinguished industrial engineer who hails from Purdue has applied his systems analysis skills to understand — and address — a challenge facing still-beleaguered elementary schools.

In short, The Kids Are Smart Enough reflects Garrett’s diligence in putting forth such assessments and recommendations based on his corporate background and engineering instincts. Many education-reform books are published every year, drawing upon the latest guidance from various disciplines, but this Boilermaker says the distinctive viewpoint of a retired business executive could help generate fresh, outside-the-box conversations with established ranks of education experts.”

To read the article and its entirety, click HERE.