Here's Why We Need to Elevate Teachers:

A note from Elevate Teachers founder, Richard Garrett:

After a successful school year, my daughter-in-law, Angel Garrett, sent this letter to the parents of her first grade students. I was so impressed, I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

Good Morning, everyone! 

Well...  WE DID IT!!  We had an incredible year!  I am so honored I had the opportunity to teach your child this year and I hope they had as much fun as I did!  :)

As I sit here on the last teacher work day of the 2018-2019 school year, in a bare classroom, with stacked chairs, I reflect on our time together and WOW!  The things we accomplished in Room 18!  I just wanted to take time and share with you some pretty awesome statistics!

Your child received one book for every month we were in school.  Twenty-three students times nine months, equals 207 books that I was able to give out to help foster a love of reading for child!  Again, I have some really great friends who helped make that happen!  I really hope they enjoyed receiving them as much as I enjoyed being able to give them out.  Because of my monthly orders, I was also able to cash in on some FREE books to add to the classroom library collection!  WIN, WIN for everyone! :)

Together, as a whole class, we read over 800 stories/books on Epic!  They loved getting on Epic! during our "Listen to Reading" station!  It was so fun listening to their little giggles and seeing their sweet smiles when listening to a funny story that they genuinely enjoyed!  You can continue the love for Epic! over the summer, for a small fee!  Just ask me how!  :)

Second semester, we moved away from reviewing letters, letter sounds, and putting those sounds together to make words, and REALLY jumped into reading.  On average, we read and dove deep into 8 stories every single week.  That’s 144 stories for second semester.  We read the heck out of those stories and studied letter pairs to help us with our fluency, phonics, and spelling.  We learned how to find “text evidence” and we color coded those findings to help aid in our comprehension.  You might have seen all those color coded stories in their folders!  ;) We learned how to create pictures in our brains... aka visualization, to help aid in our comprehension.  We learned how to take what we already know and make predictions about what might happen next... aka inferring, to help aid in comprehension.  We did this during whole group and small group instruction.

Now... are you ready??!  WE ENDED THE YEAR WITH 92% OF OUR CLASS READING ON OR ABOVE GRADE LEVEL!  :)  Every time I talk about this, it legit brings tears to my eyes!  I am SO proud of all their hard work!  So, so proud!  Please keep reading over the summer.  Read every single day for at least 20 minutes!  It will help keep him/her from losing a lot of progress over the summer and keep them right where they need to be in second grade.

As you enjoy the first day of summer break, I want to leave you with this...  

"I give you back your child, the same child you confidently entrusted to my care last fall. I give him/her back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more mature than he/she was then.  Although he/she would have attained his/her growth in spite of me, it has been my pleasure and privilege to watch his/her personality unfold day by day.  We have lived, loved, laughed, played, studied, learned, and enriched our lives together this year. Know that I shall always be interested in your child... wherever he/she goes, whatever he/she does, and whoever he/she becomes." ❤️

Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Garrett