Indiana High School Focuses on Learning Comfort

Many of us have found ourselves in a traditional classroom; teacher and chalkboard in the front of the room, and rows of desks for attentive students facing in that direction. With new research and studies based around how students can best achieve success, many schools are focusing on a more laid-back classroom in an effort to encourage a collaborative and vibrant workspace for the students.

One such school, in Anderson, Indiana, has taken the concept of learning comfort to another level with their 360-degree approach to learning. Students at Anderson High School can enjoy things like dry-erase tables, walls, and floor tiles and, instead of ridgid one size-fits-all desk chairs, students can converse and collaborate on bean bags and multi-functional chairs. 

The article highlights that this move toward more creative spaces for students emulates the open-office trend in workplaces. By mitigating the strictness of how the students are supposed to sit, where they are allowed to problem solve, and, essentially, how they are allowed to learn, these classrooms seem to create an organized and creative chaos that will propel students forward without sacrificing quality education.

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What are your thoughts, ET Community? Are collaborative classrooms just a fad or will they propel our students forward?