How do we solve the Teacher Shortage?

Indiana Lawmakers have proposed a controversial solution to a long-standing problem: the Teacher Shortage. According to a recent article in The Indianapolis Star, in the proposal, there would be new avenues for unlicensed teachers to enter the public school system with control over classrooms. The aim is to improve teacher to student ratios and to also provide an all-around better learning environment for students in the process.

The detailed article mentions fact that though many teaching candidates successfully pass coursework and student teaching milestones, some struggle with the test for licensure leaving them qualified, but not licensed for work in the public school system. There will also be an option for individuals with extensive experience in areas other than teaching to share their own experiences with students as "career specialists." The proposal is not altogether new as charter schools already use a similar structure to fill vacant positions.

Is this a valid way to draw students back to our public schools with the promise of smaller class sizes?

As a licensed educator, what are your thoughts on this proposal?

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