The Kids Are Smart Enough, So what’s the Problem?

A request from DR. Richard W. Garrett

If you have read the book, you may have noticed that the data that describes the four 4th grade classes only came from four rooms.  I would like to gather more information on class makeup from more schools in order to improve this data set.  If you are willing to help, thank you very much. 

To better understand what is needed go to page 57 of the book "The Kids Are Smart Enough, So What's the Problem?" 

At the top of page 57 is a spectrum of student types, as defined by the original study teachers.  It looks like this: 

The Engaged Student…….......…………The Followers…….......…………The Disruptive Student

When thinking about how to reply, please organize all of the classes in your school according to the class you teach.
In other words, if you teach third grade, please request that all of your third-grade teachers to respond to this request.

In the middle of that page (57) the teachers provide the definitions for these three types of students.  Using these definitions, please respond using this form:

Please Note:  I will not use the school name or name or any of the names of the teachers.  Data will be classified by state, grade level and by socioeconomic level.

Please contact Dr. Garrett directly at with any questions or comments.