Change Happens One Person at a Time

Elevate Teachers is currently in "Phase One" and our main focus right now is to grow to 10,000 connected supporters for teachers and educators. If you would like to be a part of this community, just follow the steps below!

Step 1: Sign Up!

Please fill out this form with your information so we can stay in touch with you. We will NEVER share your information with anyone, or use it for any purpose other than communications regarding Elevate Teachers. The only require information is your email address and name, other than that you can provide as much as you wish to stay in touch.

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STEP 3: Stay Up-To-Date

Our News and Resource page will have regular updates about educational studies, events, legislation, and updates on Elevate Teachers. We will also post these updates to our social media channels as well as send regular email updates to those who signed up.



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Help us spread the word and get our first goal of 10,000 members! At this point we will launch our first event focused on raising awareness and support for our teachers!