From the site founder - Dick Garrett

My first serious year of interest and research in education was 2012.  It was then that I facilitated a research paper that will be discussed later in our journey.  Part of what motivated this initial work came about because of my distress at the way teachers were being blamed for the condition of the education system.

The teaching profession seems in more turmoil than anytime we have observed in years.  Teachers face a myriad of issues that range from a general lack of respect by the public, as has been fueled by the press, to lack of empowerment in their classrooms.  Right now, teachers are one of the least empowered professions in America. 

Here are some of the issues many teachers face:

1.     Lack of respect by many students, as illustrated by student indifference, profane outbursts and other demeaning acts.

2.     Lack of respect by the general public.

3.     Teachers are blamed for the low school grade when in fact, there are no consequences for the students if they choose to remain indifferent.

4.     A never-ending array of initiatives that add to their workload, examples are Common Core, state exams, federal reports to be filed, other exams, etc.

5.     Some of their students actually physically attack their teachers placing a new peril on their profession.

6.     Poor support by their administrations and a constant threat of retribution if they “rock the boat” or a parental accusation brings unjustified scrutiny to the administration.

7.     Renowned author and teacher of literacy Nancie Atwell recently won the first annual $1 million Global Teacher Prize awarded by the Varkey Foundation. When she was asked by CNN whether she would advise others to become a public school teacher, her response was she would not.

8.     Some recent surveys have found teachers unenthusiastic about their profession, with most teachers very hesitant to recommend it as a profession.

What really moved us to action are the substantial drops around the country in university programs that prepare students to become teachers.  It is my firm belief, still to be proven with research data, that declining social status is one of the primary forces behind these drops.  It is time to get behind teachers and help to position them where they belong in our social fabric.